Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing?

Computer FreezeIf you computer continue to freezes on a randomly basis, you have computer problems you must detect and fix. A computer can freeze because of many things and it doesn’t have to be a serious problem but it’s very frustrating and can stop you from doing homework or business work. You can try to find the problem manually but it takes a lot of time, and if you are in a hurry, you definitely don’t have the time to search for driver issues, software problems, hardware failure or whatever it can be that causes your computer to freeze.

Why Do Computer’s Freeze?

If a software have compatible problems with Windows or if it got bugs, it can give your computer a hard time and the result might be that too much memory and processor resources is being used, which can cause your computer to freeze. If a driver is missing or corrupted, it can also cripple your computer system, so if your computer keeps freezing when you launch a certain software, you should look for driver or software version updates or totally remove that software from your system.

If Windows stops responding and freezes, you should check if you got the latest updates installed, or if your computer is infected with a virus. A virus can easily hurt your computer and abuse system resources which can cause a computer crash or a computer freeze. Make sure your firewall settings is ok and that your antivirus software is running with the latest virus updates. A good computer protection is important, in this article you can read more about virus protection and how to remove them.

How to Fix Computer Freezes!

If your hard drive is having bad sectors, it can lead to a computer freeze or a computer crash. You can check your hard drive and also repair errors and bad sectors in Windows. Go to “My Computer” and select the hard drive that’s having problems, click on the “properties” tab and choose the “Tools” tab and hit the “Check now” button. Windows will now scan your hard drive and check for bad sectors and try to repair them. It’s a good idea to backup your most important files to prevent any loss of data.

If your hardware is too weak to handle multiple programs that uses a lot of CPU power and memory, you might have to consider a hardware upgrade. If your computer is extremely slow or freezes, you can help your computer by remove unnecessary programs that running in the background and don’t use too many programs at the same time. The Windows registry can also have an impact when it comes to computer freeze problems, and to stop the registry from getting errors that effects the computer performance, you should clean it on a regular basis.

To help your computer from getting software, driver and registry errors, you can use a PC optimizer tool that takes care of the computer maintenance. A tool such as TuneUp Utilities can be good solution for a computer with freezing problems. Read more about TuneUp Utilities here to get more tips on how to help your computer to stop freezing.

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