What Slows Down A Computer?

Slow TurtleA new computer is usually very fast and works without any errors or incompatible problems, but over time as new programs, new updates, changed settings and more files are being installed, the computer’s behavior can change and that can lead to a slow computer. If you experience a sudden decrease in your computer speed, you should investigate why that happened. Because there are many things that can make your computer slow including harmful files and software’s which can cause more problems than just a slowdown in your computer speed.

Not Enough Hard Disk Space!

If your computer is full of big files and a lot of programs, you should remove unnecessary files and programs you never use. A problem with the Windows operating system is the Winsxs folder, which stores program versions (it stores all program versions from the date you installed the programs and forward) and over time this folder can become very large and you cannot delete it. You should keep at least 20% of your hard disk space free for best performance, if you have a laptop with a small hard disk, don’t install too many software programs because the Winsxs folder can then give you space problem.

The Windows Registry Needs A Cleanup!

Registry errors can cause a slowdown in your computer speed. If a program is not installed properly or not totally removed, it can leave unneeded or invalid registry entries left behind which gives the registry unnecessary performance problem. Program updates and Windows updates can also result in registry errors, that’s why you should run a registry cleanup process on a regular basis. As long as the registry is well maintained, there should not be any major problems.

Too Many Programs Is Running In The Background!

Does it take forever for your computer to boot? Well, if too many programs are running at the same time Windows starts, it will obviously use a lot of CPU and memory resources. You can open the Task manager to check which process that is running and see if you can stop some of them. If you don’t know how to stop processes from running, you can try a performance booster software. Many speed up tools have a feature that can stop background programs from running, so if you’re not comfortable with changing program settings, it’s a good idea to test a tool.

The Computer Is Infected With Malware!

A sudden and for no reason slowdown in your computer speed can be caused by Viruses and other Malware. A Malware can attack the memory and use a large amount of resources which will cripple your computer performance. It can also infect the registry which could lead to a system crash. You can prevent a Malware attack by installing a good antivirus program and an antispyware program. Your behavior online is also important, don’t ever download anything from an unreliable source and don’t download cracked programs which often contain Viruses and Trojans.

Insufficient Hardware Resources!

New programs need more memory to run properly. An older computer with less RAM can become slow when new programs, new games or a photo editing software is running. If there’s available memory slots on your motherboard, you can put in more RAM but you can also invest in an upgrade package which will give your computer a new life. You should not invest in new hardware parts unless you’re sure that insufficient hardware resources is the problem.

I have tried to cover the most common problems that make a computer slow. There are of course more problems that can occur and if you think my article needs an update or just a want me to add some extra tips, just send me an email or comment below!

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