What Are Registry Errors?

Windows RegistryThe windows registry is a database that store settings and configuration of software programs, hardware devices, operating system configurations and user settings etc. The registry is very important, because Windows need it to be able to communicate with both operating system settings and third party settings. If your computer is getting blue screens or you experience a slowdown in your computer speed, it’s usually a problem with invalid registry entries.

What Are Registry Errors And How Do They Occur?

When you install a program, its settings and values are stored in the Windows registry. You can use the registry to configure program settings or check for and repair damaged programs. Registry errors can occur when a program is installed incorrectly or with incomplete uninstalled programs that leave registry entries that can cause speed and startup problems or other erratic computer behavior. It’s important to maintain a healthy registry to prevent speeding and performance problems.

Incorrectly installed software programs are often the cause of registry errors, but Viruses and other Malware can install registry entries that are giving the computer a hard time and these entries are not easy to get rid of, so make sure you got a good antivirus and antispyware program installed. A virus can cause a lot of trouble because a virus can duplicate itself and infect other registry entries which could lead to complete system crash, so don’t be careless when it comes to computer security.

How To Prevent Registry Errors?

Make sure you uninstall software programs properly. Usually you can use the Add/Remove program in Windows to remove or change a program, but sometimes you must use a removal tool supplied by the software developer. Anyway, make sure the software program is completely removed from your computer to prevent registry errors. Unnecessary files that only waste system resources can also cause registry errors. The best way to remove these types of files is to use a registry cleaner tool.

Sometimes the registry gets errors for no apparent reason, and it’s impossible to exactly keep track of everything that’s going on in a computer. A Windows update, a software program update or other processes that’s running in the background can cause registry errors. Windows is not 100% stable, and you can’t protect your computer system against every error, even if you want to. But don’t worry, these errors are usually not difficult to fix, just scan your computer with a registry cleaner and a good tool will fix these errors without any problems.

When you browse the internet, don’t download software’s, games or other files from unknown sources such as warez or crack sites. These types of files often contain Trojans or Viruses which will only damage your computer system, including the registry. If you have registry errors, but want to make sure you don’t make anything worse, you can backup the registry before you run a cleanup process.

A good registry cleaner should have a backup feature but you can also use System Restore tool in Windows, to create a new restore point. Manually changing or removing registry entries is not recommended if you’re not a Windows expert, use a registry cleaner tool.

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