My Computer Will Not Turn On

Computer Is DeadThis problem happened to me a couple of years ago, my computer didn’t turn on and there were no thunder storm or electric power interruption, so I couldn’t blame the weather or the electric supplier. My computer didn’t turn on at all, the screen where totally black and there was no reaction inside my computer. It’s not a very nice experience to think that the computer is dead, but a computer has many parts and if only one part is damaged, it’s easy to just replace that one.

How to Detect Damaged Hardware?

Before you open up the computer case and start to check the power supply, motherboard, CPU fans and cables, you should check that the electric cable is ok and that the electrical outlet is working. It’s easy to forget to check the easy stuff and jump straight into the more difficult tasks. But hopefully it’s the cable that’s broken and not more expensive parts of the computer. If your cable is ok and the power is on, it’s time to open up the computer case and check the hardware parts.

Put on an anti-static wrist strap before you open the computer case, it prevents static electricity to damage your hardware. The first thing to check is the cable that goes from the power supply to the motherboard. It could be loose or not attached, so check that first. Check the cable that goes to the CPU too, if these cables are not connected or broken, your computer will not start. If everything is ok, you need to check that the power supply is working.

Check The Power Supply!

To check the power supply, you need a power supply tester or access to another computer. It takes more time and work to test the power supply on another computer but it’s free. If it’s broken, you know what’s wrong and you need to buy a new power supply. Make sure you don’t buy a power supply under 600 Watts. A weak power supply can decrease your computer’s performance and it’s not much more expensive to get a power supply with some extra Watts. If the power supply is ok, you could have problems with the motherboard.

Check For Other Hardware Problems!

Check the motherboard for damages and rust. Many things are connected to the motherboard and you can remove the RAM from one slot to another and test your way forward. If you have the possibility to test another CPU, it will help you determine if the CPU is ok or not. If you still can’t start your computer with another CPU, you should replace the motherboard to be able to start your computer. A motherboard is not very expensive anymore, and you can get a good price if you go to a computer compare site.

My power supply was broken, so I replaced it and I think that if your computer is not starting, it’s very possible that the power supply is broken. It’s easy to replace a power supply and it’s not necessary to take your computer to a technician, you can and should do it yourself. I know it’s boring and frustrating to spend money on a power supply, but in the end, you want your computer to start.

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