How To Transfer Programs From One Computer To Another

To save time and money when you have a new computer, you can transfer your programs. But you can’t just copy your files and then transfer them, because you need drivers and Dll files and the right configuration with the operating system to able to use them again. To buy new software programs can be pretty expensive and to get your old settings back is also very time-consuming, but there are solutions available thanks to the software’s like PC Mover.

PC Mover

Transfer Programs With PC Mover!

PC Mover is a software developed by Laplink which is a well known IT company founded in 1983. It’s hard to find a company online that’s older than Laplink and still alive, because it’s a very hard competition and many companies can’t keep up with the cost to constantly develop new software’s. If you have a new computer but don’t want to buy a new operating system and new programs, it’s not a bad idea to check out PC Mover because it can maybe help you save some bucks or at least save you time.

How Does PC Mover Professional Work?

PC Mover Professional can move all programs, files and settings from your old computer to your new computer, and it does that automatically. The step-by-step wizard helps you to choose which type of transfer you want to do and you just have to follow the instructions and PC Mover will do the transfer automatically. You don’t have to reinstall programs and move files, because PC Mover will transfer everything and all personal settings and functions will be the same as your old computer.

There are a couple of different versions but the professional version is the one that I can recommend if you want to transfer your whole computer system. When you use PC Mover, it transfers files through an ethernet cable, a network router or with Laplink USB. It’s very easy and the process is fast, and the best part is that you can start using your new computer immediately and don’t have to waste hours transfer files and programs. PC Mover Professional is the only software available that can transfer all programs, files and settings, so it’s easy to choose which software to use.

Is PC Mover Professional Safe To Use?

There not much that can happen really, because PC Mover only copy the entire computer system from your old computer but it never change or delete anything. There’s an undo feature which you can use if you for any reason don’t want to continue with the move or reset everything, but the undo feature will never touch your old computer. The support is open 24/7 and professional PC Mover experts can help you with the transfer over the phone or remotely and it’s all included in the price, there’s no extra charge for the support.

There are six different versions of PC Mover and if you don’t know which version to choose, you can contact the support department and they will help you decide. But all versions don’t have the “Move from old PC to new PC” feature, but the professional version got it, so I think that it’s the best choice. If you want to transfer your programs and files, take a look at PC Mover Professional at the official website.

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