How To Remove A Virus From your Computer

virus alertTo remove a computer Virus could be complicated. A Virus can replicate itself, infect other files and spread from a computer to another. Once a Virus has entered your computer system, you should react immediately and run an antivirus scan. If a Virus has broken through your antivirus defense, you should consider looking for a stronger antivirus program because if a Virus can get through, then your current antivirus program is not strong enough. It’s a good idea to read an antivirus review to find out which software to use.

How To Detect And Remove A Virus Manually?

To manually find and remove a Virus is possible but it’s not easy to do it. If you don’t have any knowledge in configuration and system settings, it’s best to use a software. But you can try to remove a Virus manually without using an antivirus program if you feel you can do it. Follow the tips below but don’t try this if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Right click on the Taskbar and open up the Task Manager. Click on the processes tab and if you find a process that’s unfamiliar, copy that name and search online, if it’s a malicious program you should find information about it. If you find a malicious program, highlight it and click on the End Process button. Next, open the Start menu and type in msconfig in the search box. Open up msconfig and click on the Startup tab, a list of startup programs will appear. Try to find the name of the process you ended in the Task Manager and uncheck it. Write down the path and file name shown in the Command and Location columns and close the utility.

If you did find a malicious program in the Task Manager but were unable to locate it in msconfig, you will find it in the registry. Open up the Start menu again and type in regedit and open up the Registry Editor. You will see a list of folders, navigate to these folders:





These registry folders display all programs that run on startup. You should be able to find the malicious process in one of these folders. When you find it, write down the path and file name shown in the Data column, and then right click on it, click Delete and close the Registry Editor. Open up the Start menu again and click on Computer, type in the name of the malicious process and search for it. When you find it, remove it and restart your computer. The Virus should now be removed.

How To Find A Good Antivirus Program?

There are many antivirus programs developers and the competition is extremely hard. But if you download a program from antivirus developers like Avira, AVG and Norton, you should get enough protection against Virus. For Spyware, Spyhunter is a good alternative. You can’t get too much protection but you can get too little, and if you want to stay safe browsing the internet, use both a Spyware removal tool and an antivirus program.

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