How To Password Protect A USB Flash Drive

Password Protect Your USB Drive With Folder LockIt’s very easy to lose a USB flash drive or forget where you left it. If you have personal, important school or business information on your USB drive, then you could get into trouble if you lose it. A way to prevent this from happening is to password protect your USB flash drive, there are a couple of ways you can do this and I will show you how to do it for free or using a stronger paid alternative. Many people don’t know that they can password protect their external devices, but it’s not very difficult.

How To password protect My USB Flash Drive For Free?

You can use 7zip or other file compression tools to password protect folders inside your USB drive. 7zip is free and you can password protect compressed archives, it has also a very good AES-256bit file encryption protection which gives you a very strong password protection. You have to extract your files each time you need to open them, and this can become pretty boring and a compressed file is never totally safe, it can get corrupted or damaged. But it’s free and that’s why it’s so popular.

Password Protect Your USB Flash Drive With Folder Lock!

Folder Lock is an advanced software manufactured by New It can protect your files, folders, drives and programs from unwanted access. If you need top quality file protection, Folder Lock is a software that can help you out. It’s very easy to use and have many features that can take care of your file security and also protect financial information such as credit and debit cards. If you accidently lose your USB flash drive or other portable drive, and they are protected by Folder Lock, you don’t have to worry about the wrong people getting their hands on your private data.

How Does Folder Lock Work?

Folder Lock uses a 256-bit on-the-fly military grade encryption technology. You can create lockers on folders and files and you can also protect your USB flash drive or other external drive and make them executable, which means that you need a password to open them. The Protect USB Drive feature is really great and you can access your files faster with a password, instead of having to extract your files and wait which is very boring. Using Folder Lock will give you fast access to your files but still have a very strong password protection.

Folder Lock got many more features but the Protect USB Drive feature is worth the price itself. Folder Lock is perfect for people who are sharing the same computer, such as a family computer or business computer. But everyone can benefit from using Folder Lock because you can’t have too much protection, but if you have weak protection, you could put both your computer and yourself in trouble. Grab your own copy of Folder Lock and protect your files instantly.

Folder Lock is not a very expensive software, but if your budget is tight, use 7zip until your financial situation is better. It’s better to use 7zip and password protect your archives instead of using no protection at all.

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