How To Fix Corrupted Files

Fix Corrupted FilesTo fix corrupted files such as avi files, documents, rar archives and other files is sometimes quite difficult. There’s really no manual technique that the average computer user can use to fix corrupted files. But don’t worry, there are many software┬┤s that can repair broken files, both free and paid versions. It’s important to back up your files to prevent any loss of information, but it’s very easy to forget and that’s why a file fixer can be a great rescue when a file is broken.

File Repair Software!

Spending hours downloading a file with a slow internet connection to find out that the file is broken is very frustrating. But you don’t have to download the file again if you have access to a good file fixer. When I am looking for a free software, I usually go to CNET, Softpedia or Softonic because I trust them more and the last thing I want is to get adware and malware installed in my computer. Don’t download cracked software’s or software’s from suspicious websites, you want to fix your files not damage your computer.

File Repair is a free software that can repair many types of corrupted files. It scans the corrupted file, extract as much data from it as possible and save it in a new file. With File Repair you can fix your corrupted zip and rar archives, many types of video files, JPEG and many other picture formats, Word documents and much more. File Repair is totally free and you will never get any promotion e-mails or other annoying ads or upgrade solutions. It’s a small and easy to use tool which hopefully can help you fix your corrupted files.

File Repair is a good tool compares to many other freeware’s and it can really fix corrupted files. The only thing that I don’t like with free tools like File Repair, is that the developers almost never update the software. New file extensions and file versions are constantly developed, and if you have problems with brand new files, a freeware tool might not be able to help you. You should always try to fix your files with a free tool before you try a premium file repair software.

Premium File Repair!

If a free tool couldn’t fix your files or you were not happy with the result, you can try a more advanced file repair software like Filecure. Filecure offers a free scan, which you can use to see if it can find your corrupted file. Filecure is updated on a regular basis which makes it possible to repair the latest video file versions and other new file types. Freeware developers have hardly any support and if you need support you should definitely check out a tool like Filecure. You can read more about Filecure here!

To repair corrupted files is not that hard if you know which tools to use. You don’t have to throw away your broken files anymore, I hope that you can fix your files using a freeware like File Repair or a premium file repair like Filecure.

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  1. Jennifer Kimberley November 23, 2013 at 7:37 am #

    With so many corrupted files in my computer, I clearly need a file fixer.
    Jennifer Kimberley recently posted…judyweightloss.comMy Profile

  2. Darrien Gordon January 28, 2014 at 2:18 am #

    Hello All,
    Thanks for sharing information about other products!! But, while scanning corrupt files unable to complete the process and start popping out error messages. To overcome such issue, use Remo Repair software to repair corrupt files such as Zip, Rar, Word, PPT, etc to extract contents.

    • Ludwig January 30, 2014 at 11:53 am #

      Hello Darrien.

      Unfortunately Remo Repair software is $ 69 which is a high price for people looking to fix one file.

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