How To Check For Keyloggers

Check For KeyloggersA keylogger is a tiny software program that checks and records your activity when you browse the internet and use your computer. A keylogger can be used by a business to monitor their employee’s behavior or by parents to see what their children are doing online. But a big problem is when cyber criminals are able to sneak in a keylogger in your computer and start to spy on your activity and steal passwords and other sensitive information. A keylogger is not dangerous on its own, but in the wrong hands it can cause serious damage.

What Is A Keylogger Virus?

A keylogger virus is a malicious software used by hackers to steal credit card numbers, banking passwords and other financial information. A keylogger is often described as a Trojan, because it operates the same way and send information to a third party host computer. It’s not easy to detect and remove a keylogger, because most anti-virus programs are developed to attack viruses, but to find and remove a keylogger is a different story. It’s even hard to know if you have a keylogger in your computer system, people usually finds out when it’s too late.

How To Detect Keyloggers?

To find a keylogger is not an easy task. A keylogger can be installed in many different places in your computer. But all keyloggers are not active, and you can check the Task manager to see which processes that are running. It shows all currently running programs on the computer, and an active keylogger will also be displayed on the list. If you see a suspicious program on the list, search on google to see if the program is malicious or not. There is a lot of information about keyloggers online, and if you find out that your computer is under attack, it’s time to take appropriate actions.

How To Remove Keyloggers?

If you have an active keylogger on the Task manager list, end the process and run an anti-virus scan. If your anti-virus program can’t detect or remove keyloggers, you need an anti-keylogger software. Spyshelter has developed a premium keylogger protection software which has the ability to stop many different types of keylogger viruses. If you suspect that your computer is infected with keyloggers but having problems finding them, then Spyshelter can give you a helping hand.

Spyshelter protects your computer from screen loggers, which can capture the screen and send copies of your financial details and other important passwords to a third party host. Spyshelter also has a stop-logger feature which prevent Keyloggers from recording keystrokes and other things you enter from falling into the wrong hands. If you are using a web camera or VOIP, Spyshelter will also block keyloggers that tries to record web camera sessions or your voice when using VOIP.

Using Spyshelter will help you to detect keyloggers fast and also keep you safe from future attacks. It’s very difficult to find and remove keylogger manually, so using a software is the best solution. You can try the free Spyshelter 14-day trial and see if it works for you. Click here to download Spyshelter from the safe and official website.

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