How To Build A Computer From Scratch

To build a computer from scratch is not very difficult. If you can use a screwdriver and connect a cord to an electric outlet, then you can build a computer. If you have time, it’s really a good idea to build your own computer because you can get exactly the parts you want and also save a lot of money. There are many online computer stores and the competition is hard so you can find really good deals as a consumer. You can search for computer components at pricegrabber and find great deals.

Parts To Build A Computer!

Build A Computer From ScratchIf you want to build a cheap computer, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a nice looking computer case. You should look for ATX computer cases because I think it’s much easier to find a good price on a matching ATX motherboard than on other form factors. It’s also important to get an efficient power supply, because a weak power supply can make your computer’s lifetime shorter. I always purchase a power supply above 600 Watt to keep the heat down. A power supply that needs to work hard produces more heat and that’s not good in the long run.

I like to find a good CPU before I look for a motherboard and RAM. Intel and AMD are the major CPU manufacturer’s and I have never tried any other CPU’s except for these two companies. Intel is more expensive but if you are after top performance I can really recommend INTEL CORE I7 3930K, which I am using right now. AMD is also good company and you can find nice CPU’s for a really great price, and the AMD FX-8350 BE 8-CORE processor is very fast and one of my friends is happy with that one, it cost less than half the price of the INTEL CORE I7 3930K, and you get great value for your money.

A good motherboard with USB 3.0, High Definition Audio and a great Memory architecture is something to consider, if you want to wait a couple of years before you upgrade your computer. You might want to look for a motherboard with integrated graphics, if you want to save a couple of bucks. But if you are building a gaming computer, it’s a good idea to purchase a proper graphic card. The best thing about building your own computer is that you can decide which parts you want to spend money on and which parts you can save money on.

A hard disk is an important part of a computer, and these days you can choose between a SSD (Solid State Drive) drive and a HDD (Hard Disk Drive). An SSD drive is an electronic disk which uses no mechanical parts and are faster than a traditional hard disk. If you want speed but less storage capacity, a SSD is good choice, but if you want to store more files and programs, you should go for a traditional hard disk, you get more GB for your money that way. A BD-Rom or DVD-Rom is not necessary anymore, but it’s sometimes convenient to have it. Don’t purchase an expensive BD-Rom, get the cheapest you can find.

Before you order computer parts, make sure that the motherboard and CPU got the same sockets. The motherboard must also support the same MHz and memory type as the RAM memory.

How To Build A Computer!

Arm yourself with a screwdriver and an anti-static wrist strap, read the instruction books you get with your computer parts and start assembling your new computer. Each computer part comes with instructions on how to connect it. It’s pretty straight forward, just read the instructions a couple of times if you are uncertain. To build a computer from scratch is not not much harder than assembling IKEA furniture.

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