How To Boost Internet Connection

Internet Connection SpeedA slow internet connection can be very annoying and if you pay bills or have an online business that requires a good connection, then you have a problem that you must solve. If your internet connection had a sudden slow down, then it’s usually a problem with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and you should contact them as soon as possible. But there can be other reasons, and if you pay for a fast connection and don’t want to pay for nothing, then you must take action and solve your internet speed problems now.

How To Fix A Slow Internet Connection!

If your computer is slow, you should check everything that can possibly make it slow, because it doesn’t matter if you have the fastest internet connection in the world, if your computer is slow, your internet speed will be slow. Before you call your ISP and give them a hard time, you should run a malware scan. A virus can cripple your system and decrease your internet speed faster, so it’s always a good idea to have an antivirus program installed with the latest updates.

If your hard drive is packed with files, you should transfer these files to an external storage device. You should have at least 10% free disk space and delete all temporary and unnecessary files you can find. You should also clean and optimize your registry, because a registry filled with invalid and unneeded entries will also give your computer a slow speed. To defrag your hard drives can also help to improve the computer speed which will allow the internet connection speed to increase.

Check Your Equipment!

You may need to reset your router or your equipment is broken, so check your router or home network. Sometimes you just need to unplug and replug the power and your gear will work fine again. If you have recently upgraded to a faster internet connection, make sure that your current router can handle the traffic. Old routers cannot transmit data faster than 10 Mbps, so if you need to transmit data at 100 Mbps, you must get a new router. Make sure that your cables are not damaged, it’s good to be totally sure.

Make sure that other programs don’t use your internet connection. An antivirus program or other programs can access the internet and run updates without your knowing. Open up the command prompt and type in “netstat -b 5 > activity.txt” and wait a minute and then hold down Ctrl and press C, this will create a list of all programs using your Internet connection. Type in “activity.txt” and press enter to open the file with the program list. To stop a program from using your internet connection, you usually have to go to the program options and uncheck the auto update feature.

There’s no magic software that can speed up an internet connection, if you want to get a faster connection you must make your computer faster. You might need to get more RAM or a faster CPU to improve the speed, but usually it’s enough to clean up your system and make it free from errors and other problems that slows down your speed. To boost your internet connection, you need to boost your computer.

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