Defender Pro 15 in 1 Review

Protecting your computer against viruses is important, but to get full protection without having to download and install a lot of programs could be a problem. Paying for two or three software programs to get a good computer security is often a waste of money, because you can find an all-in-one software’s for half the price or less. If you want virus protection, Spyware protection, a firewall and much more, maybe Defender Pro 15 in 1 is something to take a closer look at.

What Is Defender Pro 15 in 1?

Defender Pro UltimateDefender Pro is an American antivirus company that has been around for over ten years. 15 in 1 means that Defender Pro got 15 unique security solutions that can help both businesses and individuals to protect their precious computer’s against viruses, hackers and other cyber criminals. The difference between other antivirus programs and Defender Pro is that you get so many features, you don’t have to use any extra firewall or antispyware program to get full protection.

Many antivirus programs use too much CPU and memory resources which makes the computer slow, and to perform a complete security scan can take ages. It’s a good idea to test an antivirus program first, because you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on crap. I like to test stuff and that’s a big reason why I never buy softwares’s offline. Defender Pro’s scanner got the same speed in the trial version as the paid version, so you can evaluate the program before you decide.

Why Should I Try Defender Pro?

Protecting your computer should be easy and not require any technical or other extra skills. Defender Pro is an easy-to-use software and the interface is similar to other Windows programs, so as a Windows user, you will be familiar with Defender Pro. With one license you can protect 5 computer’s for 2 years which makes this antivirus program very good for families with more than one PC or laptop. Defender Pro is constantly improved with security features and upgrades to ensure that you always have an up–to–date protection that can fight every new computer threat.

Defender Pro Features:

Antivirus Protection. Defender Pro uses a cloud-based service and a virtualized behavior–based detection feature to always have the latest protection ready to take down fresh threats. Defender Pro delivers immediate updates directly from the Virus Solutions Lab every day, so you are never more than 24 hours away from the automatic protection from the latest internet threats.

Spyware Protection. Defender Pro’s Anti–Spy feature blocks suspicious programs and prevent any unauthorized access to your personal information and online activities. Spyware can record your online behavior and send that information to a third party, but Defender Pro’s Anti–Spy tool detects and blocks concealed programs that try to track your personal information.

Firewall Protection. Defender Pro’s firewall monitors the traffic between your computer and the internet, preventing undesired access to your computer. A firewall acts like a barrier between your computer and any outside connection. If you are constantly connected to the internet, it’s very important to have a firewall installed, without it your computer can be accessed in the background without you knowing it.

There are many more features available in Defender Pro 15 in 1 Ultimate Security, such as Parental Controls, Identity Protector, Wi–Fi Protector, Anti–Phishing and so on. Giving your computer a solid protection against any type of Malware is not impossible, with Defender Pro you are always protected and updated with the latest security features. Don’t give hackers, viruses and other troublemakers access to your computer, download and try Defender Pro 15 in 1 today and give your computer a protection that can defend all areas in your computer.

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