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Boost PCTo boost PC performance and get a faster computer is sometimes hard to achieve, but it’s far from impossible to get it. Usually it’s not your PC that is slow, it’s the operating system that having problems and you can either fix these problems manually or with a tool. If you are looking for a way to speed up your computer, you are at the right place. We search across the web for guides and tools and update this site regularly with tips, news and reviews. Our main goal is to provide as useful information as possible and you are very welcome to give us feedback or critique.

How fast a computer is depends on the CPU, hard disk type, the amount of RAM and many other things. But if you experience a slowdown in your computer performance, it usually got nothing to do with your hardware. Hardware failure will make your computer very erratic or it will not start at all, so if your computer is becoming slow, don’t complain about the CPU, RAM or other hardware parts. As long as your computer starts, you will find the PC speed problems in the operating system and it’s much cheaper to fix software problems than fix hardware problems.

The registry is a database that stores settings and options in the Windows operating system, and when something goes wrong, you often find the problem in the registry. That’s why registry cleaners have become so popular, and there are many software developers that want to take advantage of this problem solving opportunity, but many registry cleaners are pure junk and doesn’t fix anything at all. There are still very good registry cleaners available, and if you have a sudden slowdown in PC speed but don’t know why, should definitely scan your system with a registry cleaner.

Another thing that can reduce your PC speed is a virus. Viruses and other malware can slow down your computer and really mess up things, so it’s better to get a strong computer protection when you still have time. A virus infection can be very hard to get rid of, and in the worst cases, a virus can destroy the entire computer system. If a virus breaks through your computer defense, you will notice it pretty fast and it’s important that you take appropriate actions immediately to prevent more problems than just a slow computer.

Our Recent PC Improvement Reviews:

Regcure ProRegcure Pro is a registry cleaner developed by Paretologic. It’s got many features including a Startup manager that will help you to get a better startup speed. Regcure Pro’s main feature is the registry cleaner and before Regcure Pro makes any changes to the registry, an automated backup of your files is created. You can read our full Regcure Pro Review here!

Speedy PC ProSpeedy PC Pro is an improved version of the Speedy PC software. It’s a software for general computer maintenance but it got much more features in its toolbox including a Spyware and Malware remover, a PC optimizer, a disk defragmentation utility and much more. Click here to read our Speedy PC Pro Review!

PC Health AdvisorPC Health Advisor is an all-in-one PC performance software. It features a driver updater, a PC speed optimizer, a malware remover, a disk cleanup tool etc. PC Health Advisor can also clean the Windows registry and remove privacy and other sensitive files. Read our PC Health Advisor review here!

TuneUp Utilities is a famous and a well known computer maintenance tool. It comes with many features such a disk cleaner, a browser cleaner, a registry cleaner and TuneUp Live Optimization 2.0 and much more. Tuneup is a good solution for laptop users because it has a feature that can improve the battery life. Check out our TuneUp Utilities review here!

PC Speed MaximizerPC Speed Maximizer is a PC improvement software developed by Avanquest. It’s a very lightweight program which only uses around 20MB of hard disk space. PC Speed Maximizer features a registry cleaner, a disk cleanup tool and a PC speed optimization tool. Visit our PC Speed Maximizer review to get more info.

More PC Boost Tips!

Before you use a PC improvement tool, you should first use the Windows built-in tools. To free up disk space, use the Disk Cleanup tool which you can find in the System Tools folder, and in the same folder you will find the Disk defragmenter. These tools will remove temporary internet files and other unnecessary items and also organize your files for a faster access. Windows got many self diagnostic tools that are a great help, but to solve more difficult system errors like corrupted registry entries or a virus infection, you should use a third party tool.

A full hard disk will of course slow down the PC speed, and if you download a large number of files and programs, it will have an effect on the overall computer performance. Don’t forget to remove unnecessary files and programs to free up more disk space. If you are a laptop user and have a small hard disk, the Winsxs folder in Windows can give you some storage issues. The Winsxs folder store copies of program and driver versions and over-time it can grow to a pretty big size. You can’t delete the Winsxs folder, so don’t install too many unnecessary programs if you have a small hard disk.

The best way to keep your computer performing at a high level, is to do a computer maintenance on a regular basis. There are no shortcuts to having a healthy computer and things will always happen, like a Windows update is taking place, a new program version is being installed or registry settings are getting changed. Many things are outside your direct control, but you can correct many problems including misconfigurations, driver issues and registry errors by using a PC improvement tool or manually if that’s possible.

Here at Boost PC, we try hard to find solutions to a lot of computer problems, and we will post both cost-free ways to manually fix problems and also PC improvement reviews. You will find more tips on how to speed up your computer at our Blog!